Loss of any item will be a charge of $15.00 plus replacement cost.

If you know you have lost something and you donít want to pay the $15.00, you can stop and pick-up the same or similar item before you get back.  Just tell us about it so we can be aware of it. 


Cookware:                     Large Covered pot                               Pasta Strainer           
                                    Medium Covered Sauce pan                 Lg. Mixing Bowl
                                    Small Covered Sauce pan                   
Baking Pan     Frying pan                                                                      

Cooking Utensils:           Wisk                 Pizza Cutter                  Can opener
Scissors           Spatula                         Mixing Spoons           
Measuring Cups  Slotted Spoon                Veg. Brush                    Peeler

Dishes, Cups, etc.:        Plates                       Bowls              Cups                         
Utensils                     Dinner Knives                

Kitchen Linen:               Hot Pads                    Wash Cloths               Dish Towels

Miscellaneous Items:     Broom  Fly Swatter   Dish Soap   Dish Scrubber                                 

Exterior Items:                Sewer Hose      Fresh Water Hose with a Regulator    RV Chemicals and RV Toilet Paper, and any other necessary items for the operation of the trailer, T wrench, stabilizer jack wrench etc...                          

The above is a general list, some trailers may not have everything exactly as listed (this is our disclaimer so if the renter before you takes the strainer you won't be mad at us).  We usually have more items in the trailers than listed.